The Inspection Report Services conducted by Professional Inspectors group should be viewed as a “snapshot” of the building and its immediately surrounding areas. These reports are designed to help educate you about the systems and components of a building; they do not replace the obligation of the Property Owner to disclose known defects. Our Inspectors are usually at the inspection site for two or three hours during normal daylight business hours. It is not possible to identify all of the distinctive “traits” a Property may possess (e.g., history of leaks during rain storms, insect or pest infestation, history of system failures, moisture penetration, biogrowth remediation, etc.). Inspections are part of the real estate buying process to be used in conjunction with many other aspects of the transaction, including property owner disclosure documents, appraisals, broker/agent guidance, etc. The property owner is the party most knowledgeable about the property’s distinctive traits. The property owner is also the party that can advise you of recent repair and other work (e.g., painting, new carpeting, remodeling, etc.) undertaken to prepare the Property for sale. You should feel comfortable insisting on full cooperation and complete written disclosure from the Property owner. This is important because the Property owner still owns the Property during the inspection process, and the course of action during most real estate transactions dictates a general and visual inspection as opposed to a more intrusive inspection. In order to help protect your interests as a purchaser of real estate, you should have the Property owner complete a Property Disclosure Statement. These documents can usually be obtained from your real estate professional.