How to “Prepare” for your Building Inspection.

At Professional Inspectors Group, our objective is to provide a high quality inspection and objectively communicate findings to all parties involved.

You can help facilitate this process by doing the following:

To ensure a positive and beneficial experience for everyone involved in your real estate transaction, we ask that you or the real estate professionals involved in your transaction speak with the property owner or occupant in advance and ask that the following guidelines are followed:

  • Make sure the utilities are turned on. A complete inspection includes operating all major appliances using normal operating controls.
  • Replace burned-out light bulbs and damaged fixtures.
  • Test all smoke alarms and replace batteries if needed.
  • Unlock and/or remove locks from fence gates, electric service panels, doors, windows, attic access panels.
  • Make areas readily accessible such as electric service panels, sinks, bathtubs, ovens and ranges, dishwashers, heating and air conditioning units, water heaters, GFCI receptacles, etc.
  • Move vehicles from inside the garage.
  • Trim tree limbs back from the roof and foliage away from the perimeter.
  • Move wood, stored items and/or debris away from the foundation walls.
  • Clean ashes from the fireplace and clear items from the hearth area.
  • We love your pets, but sometimes they do not love us. Please remove or contain your pets during the inspection, and inform us about any pets that must stay inside.

Following these few simple tips will result in a “cleaner inspection report”, which is good news for all.

We at Professional Inspectors Group encourage client involvement throughout the inspection process. You are encouraged to attend the inspection so you can accompany the Inspector and observe the methods and techniques used to conduct the inspection. We also urge our clients to set aside sufficient time to read through and ask any questions concerning the inspection findings and report materials issued by Professional Inspectors group.