Most people would not think of going to court without the professional representation of an attorney. Neither would most people go to an IRS tax audit without the professional assistance of a CPA or accountant. Today many people are making the single largest investment of their lives, a new home, without a professional building consultant to inspect the construction and represent them in technical matters. If you hire a professional consultant from Professional Inspectors Group you can rest assured that your interests are being looked after by someone who works for you. We will often times be the only one’s who really work for you. The builder works with their interests and profits in mind. The bank or mortgage company have their own interests and profits in mind. The contractors have profits as well as future work supplied by the builder in mind. In the end who looks after your interests. Your building consultant does! Remember, you have the right to know that you are getting what you contracted to buy and will be paying for the next 30 years 

Over the years I have seen many problems in existing older homes. Many of these problems could have been corrected at the time of construction for little or no extra cost. Over the years some of these problems have cost homeowners hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

Did you know that if a home is built outside city limits (in the county) there are no building inspections required most of the time in the state of Texas. The electrical company may want a meter or electrical inspection. A MUD (municipal utility district) may require a plumbing inspection. Who looks after your interests in the long run? Professional Inspectors Group.