Read the Inspection Report

We can not stress how important it is for you to set aside sufficient time to read through the entire Inspection Report written by Professional Inspectors Group, not just the Inspection Findings. The information in the Inspection Report will assist you in making an informed purchasing decision. We recommend that you set aside a generous amount of time to review the Inspection Report and all the Inspection Findings. Becoming better acquainted with the whole inspection process is an important part of purchasing real estate. You should be thorough in your review. It is not unusual for this review process to take several hours. Our Inspectors and support staff are always available for telephone consultations if you have any questions, concerns or comments regarding the inspection services conducted by Professional Inspectors Group. Please do not hesitate to take advantage of this resource, which is available to you free of charge. Calls should be directed to: 210-878-5915.

We understand that the inspection process can be stressful on all parties to the real estate transaction. In an effort to minimize stress levels, we remind our clients that Professional Inspectors Group is typically hired AFTER a seller and prospective purchaser have agreed in principle on the general terms of the real estate transaction. Therefore, we take a balanced non-adversarial approach in conducting inspection services and preparing inspections reports. Professional Inspectors Group will report inspection findings in the proper perspective, that is, defects will be reported in a straightforward manner without blowing them out of proportion or “sugar coating” defects. We recognize that additional negotiations between a seller and prospective purchaser are often the byproduct of home inspection services. However, with the above points in mind, we discourage our clients from using the inspection process or the inspection report as the basis for placing unreasonable demands upon a property owner. We also discourage our clients from solely using or relying upon the inspection and report in making a decision as to whether or not they should complete a real estate transaction.